Care instructions for Ribellas® extensions

To consider before using Ribellas® hair extensions to keep it longer, do not damage your own hair and look good throughout the entire period you have the hair.


How to properly take care of your hair extensions:

To ensure you will be able to enjoy your extensions as long as possible, we recommend keeping the appointments scheduled with your hairdresser.
Proper hair care is important to enjoy your hair for a long time.

We only work with 100% real hair wich means you can style it and work with it as your own. Just remember that hariextensions need some extra care and moisturizing.

Good to know before you use Ribella hair extensions! 

  • Always do/attach the hair extensions on clean and dry hair.
  • With some medication you should avoid hair extensions. If you’re not sure, always ask your doctor first.
  • After attaching the hair extensions, wait at least 48 hours before washing them.
  • When removing extensions, follow the instructions closely so you don’t damage your own hair.
  • Never wear your hair extensions too long! It will damage your own hair. (Normally you need to remove it after it grows out 2-3cm.)

Care Instructions:

  • Straighten, curl and style your hair extensions as your own hair. (Be careful with the attachments though!)
  • Always use a braid while sleeping or working out.
  • Don´t sleep with wet hair.
  • Brush your hair at least 2 times a day with a hairbrush meant for extensions! (Start from the ends and work up awards. Be careful so you don´t pull your own hair too much.)
  • Feel through the bottom of your hair every now and then with your fingers to see if there is any tangles.
  • When washing the hair, don´t rub, just squeeze gently the schampo through the hair. Same with conditioner, just let the conditioner work longer in the hair so it gets properly moisturized.
  • Water dries hair, so it´s enough to wash it 2 times a week.
  • Salt and chlorine water also dries the hair. Avoid it, if possible.
  • We do not recommend to dye or color the hair extensions! If so, it is always on your own responsibility.
  • To remove the extensions, follow the instructions closely so you wont damage your own hair.

If you have any questions, don´t hesitate to contact us!